Hobbs Equipment Inc.

CEO of Hobbs Equipment inc., Mr Peterson Hobbs, started the business in 2016 with a single truck and bobcat. “Being involved in the industry over time, I knew it would not be an easy task as competition was severe and equipment acquisition was an expensive and onerous underatking”. Today the company boasts a staff of six (6) full time employees, working on varied projects all over the island. Our employees are experienced in all types of business operations both domestic and commercial.

We’ve also been involved in private and governmental marine projects as well as road repair, construction and widening, pavement laying, building foundations and excavations, etc. We are passionate about the projects we execute. Our goal is to grow the business, deliver on our promise and to create and provide employment for our team of dedicated employees. We stand by our slogan which boldly states... ”If we can’t do it, it can’t be done”.


The heavy hammers at work. Pulverization of boulders in preparation for upcoming project. Not the use of two hydrualic hammer in use.


A view of a partially completed road awaiting the "Harf Top Surface commonly termed Barber Green.


A pair of Hydraulic Hammers at work in preparation for the construction of another road project. The use of heavy equipment such as these make light work of tough situations.


Two pieces of heavy equipment at work in the demolition of a city structure. With the right equipment task such as these can be completed in a relatively short time and in safety as well.


Boulder wall building is terious work and the work of a very skilled operator. This process involves lifting very heay stones or boulders and strategically placing then one atop the other to form a wall.


Another task for one of our highly skilled operators. In this operation a "Break Water" is being build on a commercial property.


Regardless of your location we offer a freighting service. Our trucks have a huge load capacity, enabling us to move more material which translates in a speedier and more efficient operation.


In this picture a trench is being cut for the laying of undergeound pipes or large mains. This can be water, natural gass, telephone or electrical conduit.


A thing of beauty is a joy forever needless to say in this case a functional thing as well. Here we see a recentlt completed Barber Green road, all ready for transit.


Construction of a residential home in Trinidad. Note the chip boad used for the top floor of this house. Material use differs form teritority to teritory. Construction took 4 months from start to finish.


Hi I am Peterson Hobbs, of Hobbs Equipment Inc. I have never been one to sit in the offce daily while my team is busy at work on location. So many a time you will find me at locations getting my hands dirty so to speak. Remember we not only cater to commercial projects but domestic/residential as well. What ever your construction requirement give us a call, our team is ready, skilled and available to handle any project.


Another two storey house this time in Jamaica. We worked with a lot of Jamaicans workers on this project and we all got along very well, completing the project on time.