Policy Document

yousourceit.com is a repository for new and used products and is quite easy to use. If you have an item at home or the office you might be interested in selling simply email a picture of the product to us with a brief description outlining its name, cost, and whether it is new or used. We will then post the picture/s of your product/item in its associated category on yousourceit.com. Products can remain advertised as long as the item is not sold, there is no extra cost or hidden charges for you to keep it advertised. Clients can advertise as many products as they wish.

All payments for products on-line are made payable to yousourceit.com in advance in cash at designated locations or through payment gateways such as SurePay, Visa, Mastercard and PayPal (all to be finalized). Caveat Emptor, "Let the buyer beware." All producs bought as NEW or USED items on yousourceit.com should be verified by you the buyer. Products purchased are sold "as is," and subject to all defects if any. yousourceit.com does not hold itself liable for any defective merchandise purchased by you the customer. Not all products sold on yousourceit.com are considered to be in working condition as some products can be sold as products to be salvaged such as automobile engines and parts, when such items are posted these items will be clearly indicated/flagged as being sold for parts. All products sold on yousourceit.com are sold at the recommended price as outlined by you the vendor inclusive of our commission which is added on top of your base price. All payments are made to vendors within 24/48 hours of products sold and payments can be made by Cash, Cheque on Credited to your on-line accounts.

DELIVERY - All items purchase are to be collected withing 48 hours of purchase from designated locations. At present yousourceit.com does not offer a delivery service.

RETURN POLICY - Some items purchased on yousourceit.com are subject to our return policy. Items presented as "returned items" must be presented within 24 hours of collection and must be received exactly as was delivered to you the customer. yousourceit.com will not be accepting any merchandise damaged after it was purchased and delivered to you the customer. yousourceit.com does not hold itself liable for any merchandise returned damaged or NOT returned in the state it was delivered to you the customer. A small fee will be deducted from all returned purchases to facilitate restocking and product updating on the website. Vendors uploading photos to our servers are warned that deliberately uploading merchandise for sale that is not the property of the vendor can be prosceuted as this is considered an illegal act under the laws of Barbados with penalites/fines and possible imprisonment as ascribed by the laws of Barbados. Similarily persons/vendors deliberately posting pornographic pictures or videos are also subject to the above laws and penalties as outlined. Customers are advised to read this policy document thoroughly before committing to any purchae on this website and communicate any missunderstanding to us via e-mail at info@yousourceit.com.

Andrew Skeete
Managing Director

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